Hola Loves
Out behind the wildflower fields. Past the twinkling stars. There is a place we all know. A jigsaw fit to our big beaty hearts. Where we can dare to be ourselves. To love, dance and dream again.
Welcome HOME...
The Wild Beyond has been waiting for you.
The Journey
 At The Wild Beyond we offer
The Village - a place to connect + sacred circle time + the sisterhood
Enchanted Moments - tribe dates 
Soul-full Photography - end of life pictures
heARTspirations - stories to ourselves
Journey to the heART- art to heal
TattoosandTeabags - custom quote loose tea teabags
We were born to do this together.
Never alone. We need each other. So let's connect... 
I am an end of life midwife.  A death doula.  A writer. A life  creatrix. Here to support you or your loved one with stories, art, meditation, yoga and counselling - to allow grief in our lives and to flow with the what comes.
Come chill with us .
Always looking for likeminded loves to join our tribe or for collaborations. Life is better with friends.
It is always about the moments. Let's make them  memorable...
Let love lead you...
Love. It is everything. When you fully connect with who you are, and choose to let love guide you, your whole life changes. The Wild Beyond is committed to heartgasms and being shown the way. There are always joys to be had in this brutiful world of ours, as long as you open your eyes and your mind to the possibilities. Your heart already knows...